Víctor GeisHow to Win Friends & Influence People

How to Win Friends & Influence People

A brief, no fluff, summary of How to Win Friends & Influence People.

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
    1. Handling People Effectively
      1. Avoid Criticizing, Condemning, Complaining
      2. Give Honest Appreciation
      3. Create Eager Wants
    2. Making People Like You
      1. Show Genuine Interest
      2. Smile
      3. Use Names
      4. Be a Good Listener
      5. Talk in Their Terms
      6. Make Others Feel Important
    3. Winning People Over
      1. Avoid Arguments
      2. Respect Opinions
      3. Admit Mistakes Quickly
      4. Start Friendly
      5. Get Agreement
      6. Encourage Talking
      7. Acknowledge Their Ideas
      8. See Their Perspective
      9. Be Sympathetic
      10. Appeal to Nobler Motives
      11. Dramatize Ideas
      12. Throw Down a Challenge
    4. Effective Leadership
      1. Begin with Praise
      2. Indirectly Address Mistakes
      3. Share Your Mistakes
      4. Ask Questions
      5. Let Others Save Face
      6. Praise Improvement
      7. Offer a Fine Reputation
      8. Use Encouragement
      9. Make Others Happy to Cooperate
  2. Resources
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Handling People Effectively

Avoid Criticizing, Condemning, Complaining

Instead of criticizing, find constructive ways to address issues.

Give Honest Appreciation

Express sincere and genuine appreciation for others’ efforts.

Create Eager Wants

Motivate others by sparking genuine interest and desire.

Making People Like You

Show Genuine Interest

Be genuinely interested in others to build positive connections.


A simple smile can go a long way in creating a positive atmosphere.

Use Names

Remember and use people’s names; it’s a powerful way to connect.

Be a Good Listener

Encourage others to talk about themselves, showing genuine interest.

Talk in Their Terms

Communicate in ways that align with the other person’s interests.

Make Others Feel Important

Sincerely acknowledge and value others; it fosters positive relationships.

Winning People Over

Avoid Arguments

Steer clear of arguments; seek understanding instead.

Respect Opinions

Respect others’ opinions; avoid dismissive language like “You’re wrong.”

Admit Mistakes Quickly

If you’re wrong, admit it promptly and emphatically.

Start Friendly

Begin discussions in a friendly and positive manner.

Get Agreement

Prompt others to say “yes, yes” early in the conversation.

Encourage Talking

Let others share their thoughts; be a good listener.

Acknowledge Their Ideas

Make others feel ownership of ideas; it enhances cooperation.

See Their Perspective

Try to understand things from the other person’s point of view.

Be Sympathetic

Show understanding and sympathy toward others’ ideas and desires.

Appeal to Nobler Motives

Inspire by appealing to higher values and motivations.

Dramatize Ideas

Present ideas vividly to capture attention.

Throw Down a Challenge

Motivate by presenting challenges that ignite enthusiasm.

Effective Leadership

Begin with Praise

Start discussions with genuine praise and appreciation.

Indirectly Address Mistakes

Call attention to mistakes in a way that preserves dignity.

Share Your Mistakes

Discuss your own mistakes before criticizing others.

Ask Questions

Encourage collaboration by asking questions rather than giving orders.

Let Others Save Face

Avoid embarrassing others; let them maintain dignity.

Praise Improvement

Acknowledge and praise even small improvements enthusiastically.

Offer a Fine Reputation

Inspire by giving others a positive reputation to uphold.

Use Encouragement

Make corrections seem easy and provide encouragement.

Make Others Happy to Cooperate

Create a positive attitude by making suggestions enjoyable.



  • Title: How to Win Friends & Influence People
  • Year: First at 1936, last at 1998
  • Rating: 4.20/5
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