Víctor GeisStop Negative Self-Talk

Stop Negative Self-Talk

A brief, no fluff, handbook to Stop Negative Self-Talk.

Table of Contents


  • Repetitive thoughts affects your nervous system.
  • You might not even realize you have negative thoughts.
  • Your unconscious interpretations shape your consistent feelings and actions.


1. This is How Your Mind Works

  • Your mind does not distinguish between positive or negative thoughts; they are just thoughts.
  • Thoughts can’t be controlled or removed; they can just be reframed or avoided.

2. This is What’s Important

  • Being alive is important. That’s all.
  • It’s not the thoughts themselves that are important; it’s how we handle them that matters.

3. Be Self-Aware

  • Truly listen to yourself and be aware of your own negative thoughts.
  • Regularly audit your thoughts for consistency.

4. Be Critical

  • Question your thoughts. Your identity isn’t defined by them.
  • Choose what to believe. Keep things in perspective.

5. Break the Cycle

  • Avoiding thoughts is temporary, just don’t.
  • Reframe negative thoughts with positive or neutral alternatives.




  • Positivity is about relentlessly conquering the negatives in your path. — Victor Geis.